Glass Filtration

GLASS Filtration -Earth friendly - Green Technology ROCKS!

Traditionally, pool filters use sand, but there are now alternatives on the market, one of which is crushed recycled glass. The crushed glass has the consistency of raw sugar.

Recycled glass is a highly efficient filtration media, far outperforming sand. For commercial pools, switching to the use of glass media is greatly advised as it has been proven to produce significantly better-quality pool water.

Glass media can produce considerable cost saving results for swimming pools. Utilizing this efficient media is a more environmentally friendly option than the continued use of quarried sand and gravel.

Glass media is manufactured from 100% recycled glass and has been proven to have the following associated benefits:

Ÿ Crushed glass does not react with any swimming pool chemicals

Ÿ Crushed glass filters down to 2 microns making water quality superior to sand filtration

Ÿ Cleaner, lightweight and provides a 25% improvement in turbidity removal over sand

Ÿ The whole filter is operational rather than just the top few inches

Ÿ Glass filtration media grains are amphorous, smooth particles that have a higher attrition strength and do not trap dirt particles into gaps

Ÿ Less backwashing is required

Ÿ Lower consumption of chemicals

Ÿ Lower water consumption

Ÿ Reduced maintenance costs

Ÿ More environmentally friendly

Ÿ Higher standard of water quality for swimmers