Frequently Asked Questions

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On average, how much does Coastal Pure slash annual operating costs?

In most cases, by more than 50% .

Are the savings year round?

Yes. The greatest savings comes in the “closed” season, but we save you money in the “open” season too!


Does Coastal Pure provide year round CPO services to HOA communities?

YES! We prefer to work with HOA/POA communities!

Does Coastal Pure service pools and pool equipment?

Yes, motors, pumps filters, name it. We sell, install and provide service at every level.


Is ionization DHEC compliant?

Our units are 100% DHEC compliant.

Is everything that Coastal Pure does DHEC compliant?

Yes, 100%

Does Coastal Pure work within DHEC guidelines?

Yes, 100% of the time.


Why does everyone say the water feels "better" in a salt water pool?

The liquid chlorine produced by a salt chlorine generator is 2 chemical legs away from Drano and Mustard Gas. If you put a capful of Drano in your bath tub water, your skin would feel soft too. Don't let anyone convince you that a salt water pool is somehow safer and better for you. They want to sell you a system!!

Does Coastal Pure recommend salt/chlorine systems?

No, not for commercial pools.

What is a salt water pool?

Salt water pools are chlorine pools. Salt isn't better than chlorine, IT IS CHLORINE. Instead of buying chlorine in a bucket, you buy a machine that cooks/converts salt into liquid chlorine. Logically, we all know that salt eventually corrodes everything it comes in contact with. Salt will accelerate the corrosion of pool tiles, the pool surface and the pool mechanics. And you still have a chemical pool. Shame on the pool industry for selling a wolf in sheep's clothing.


Does Coastal Pure work with Property management companies?

Yes. We are currently working with:

  • First Service Residential ( formerly KA Diehl)
  • Gold Crown Property Management
  • Waccamaw Management
  • Kuester Management
  • Premier Management
  • Blue Coast Property Management

Several of our communities are self- managed, which is fine with us!


Why doesnt our pool company like or recommend ionization?

Probably because they don't "get" it. We "get" it. Fire them, hire us!

FOR THE RECORD: You should seriously question the motivation and integrity of a company or individual who doesn't embrace using less chemicals and saving of money. Just sayin....

Pool Chemical companies profit from selling chemicals. Ionization cuts into their profit.

Why have I heard that ionization doesnt "work" ?

Coastal Pure has been successfully ionizing commercial swimming pools on the Grand Strand since 2008. We have a 100% success rate on reducing chemical exposure and slashing annual operating costs. We offer annual service for communities that want to benefit from this technology.

Fire the Nay Sayers..., Hire Coastal Pure. We get it right every time!!

On a side note, we seriously question the motivation and integrity of those who doesn't embrace using less chemicals and saving lots of money.

Can any size pool be ionized?

Yes, we have units small enough to handle spas and kiddie pools and units large enough to handle waterparks. No pool too big, no pool too small!

Does hot or cold weather effect ionization?

Absolutely not!

Do we have to change out all of the pool mechanics to have an ionized pool?

NO! This is a simple retrofit! We do not change the way the pool works.

Is there any down time to install a commercial ionization system?

No. The installation can be done while people are swimming.

Does ionization save money?

YES! A lot of money! The bigger the pool the bigger the savings!


How much would it cost to ionize our community pool?

Pricing depends on the size of the pool.

Most commercial pools are between $1400 and $2300.

What is the annual maintenance on the ionization unit?

Ionization units use sacrificial copper/silver electrodes. Every pool uses electrodes differently. We've seen them last up to 2 years. Plan to buy a new one every 12 to 16 months. They start at $210.


Will a variable speed pump motor save money?

They may….but they restrict water flow, which isn’t a good idea. Pool water becomes sick when it is not circulated and properly cleaned.

Can I use chlorine along with ionization?

YES! DHEC requires no less than 1 ppm, of chlorine when the pool is open to swimmers.

What is Bather Load?

This is a term that the pool industry uses to describe how much chlorine is being absorbed by humans. High bather load =lots of people in the pool. People absorb chlorine through their skin like sponges.