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Copper/Silver Ionizartion Systems

We’ve been using DHEC compliant copper/silver ionization systems in commercial swimming pools since 2009. Our goal is to make your community pool look pristine while reducing cost, chemicals and effort.

Every Pool Should Be Coastal Pure

A truly smart technology that DOESN"T require a complicated installation, programming, daily attention, backup batteries, reset after power outages, Bluetooth, or a cell phone. Once calibrated to your pool’s needs, simply confirm proper level periodically along with your regular pool tests.

Copper is the most powerful natural algaecide on the planet. It is used in ponds, reservoirs, and by water treatment plants. While early pools benefited too, copper was largely forgotten as chlorine quickly became a cure-all, when it was learned that enough chlorine could destroy just about anything.

Silver had proven its ability to control pathogens throughout medical history long before NASA saw it as an opportunity to safely, non-toxically, and non-corrosively purify recycled water aboard APOLLO space craft.

Offering the longest lasting residual of any water treatment method means the hottest summers, periods of non-use, or even winterization will not reduce its effectiveness.

In 2009 Coastal Pure installed our first commercial ionization system at Barefoot Resort . After careful monitoring of the system we successfully cut the chemical operating budget in half -$3000 to $1500.

Conversion is simple

  • Safe and Effective
  • Recommended levels of copper and silver meet the EPA standards for drinking water.
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Extended Product Life is assured and backed by a 10 year limited warranty.
  • Support before, during, and long after
  • Manufactured in a South Carolina facility

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