Anita, Well, it looks as if “pool season” is about over. Thanks to you and Coastal Pure, we have enjoyed our pool more this year than any time since we moved in here. I would like to have the pool closed and winterized sometime next week. Thanks to you, Charile and Greg for all of you hard work and diligence. Nick Sherfesee Keystone Commercial Realty 843-626-3400 Ext. #44 (O) 843-455-1800 (C)

A warm welcome to the residents of LIVE OAK community in Murrells Inlet. Coastal Pure raises the bar in pool care. Fewer chemicals, superior water quality and happy clients!

We were recently asked to bid a new account in Murrells Inlet. We met with the HOA folks and were told that they paid $7500 for a salt chlorine machine in 2012. The same pool guy now wants $4500 to repair that machine. I have two words for their pool guy... HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!! PM me if you would like to know the name of this pool guy.

Baby Turtle Rescue is a part of our job!! This little guy needed a hand getting out of the pool. Smaller than a cute

ATTENTION Grand Strand HOA (Homeowners Associations) Board of Directors Does your pool equipment room look like this? This "pool guy" doesnt care about his work space. Broken containers of chemicals are bad news. Its likely that he is just as sloppy with your pool care. Dont settle... Call Coastal Pure today for 2018.

Pool Trivia: Did you know that commercial swimming pools (like HOA & Hotel pools) have overflow drains. These prevent pools from spilling over during rain events. Hopefully this will ease some concerns during the Hurricane season.

Every month Coastal Pure sponsors a spay or neuter ( or two) at the LoVe Pet clinic in Longs, SC. If you or someone you know has a pet, barn cat or a dumpster cat that needs to be trapped and "fixed" please call us. We are here to help. It wont cost you anything. 843.251.7564 call or text!!

When we bike, we put on helmets. When we drive, we put on seatbelts. When we swim in public pools... we are sharing water. Its not about avoiding swimming. Its about being healthier and smarter about the way we are swimming. Coastal Pure is all about keeping pool water cleaner and healthier.

This is Sea Winds in North Myrtle Beach. Indoor pools often create poor air quality problems. A strong smell of Chlorine indicates old or unhealthy pool water. It took 36 hours to drain/refill and install ionization on this lovely indoor pool.

Public Swimming Pools can make you Sick Coastal Pure specializes in technology that offers a secondary layer of protection against bacteria, algae and viruses found in today's public swimming pools. Copper/Silver ionization is a simple affordable retrofit to any size pool. We don't change the way the pool works, we make it cleaner and healthier... without using more expensive chemicals. What’s in the Water? (Info from Web MD) When you swim, you can come across some nasty bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. Oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds can get things from animals, sewage spills, runoff from rainstorms, or other swimmers. And while chlorine kills most of the germs in places like pools, hot tubs, and splash fountains, it doesn’t work instantly. Chemicals If you have red eyes, an irritated throat, or a cough after swimming in a pool, it's probably caused by something called chloramines. These form when a chemical used to disinfect the pool mixes with things people bring into it: urine, feces, sweat, and dead skin. Showering before you jump in (and not using the water as a toilet) can help prevent them. Swimmer’s Ear The official name for this is otitis externa. It’s a common infection you can get when you spend a lot of time in any kind of water. Your skin breaks down more easily when it’s moist, and bacteria can move in. Over-the-counter drops can help prevent it. If you have it, you’ll need to see a doctor for antibiotics. Legionnaire’s Disease You can get this type of pneumonia, also called legionellosis, if you breathe in a bacteria called legionella. The germ can thrive in a hot tub that isn’t clean enough, and you can breathe it in through mist or steam. It’s one of the most common waterborne illnesses in the U.S. Hot Tub Rash A long soak in a hot tub can give you itchy, bumpy, red spots. The troublemaker is often a germ called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Spas are harder to keep clean than pools because high temperatures break down chemicals like chlorine faster. That makes a friendlier environment for bacteria. Always shower with soap right away after you’ve been in one, and wash your swimsuit, too. Swimmer’s Itch You can get this rash, also called cercarial dermatitis, in fresh or saltwater. It's a reaction to a tiny parasite that burrows into your skin. It starts with infected snails, and you're more likely to run into them in shallow areas near the shore. The best way to avoid it is to stay away from marshy places where snails live. And always towel off or shower when you’re done swimming. Conjunctivitis When it’s caused by germs, it’s very contagious, and you can get it by swimming in the same pool as someone who has it. This condition, also known as pinkeye, makes your eyes swell, turn red, and leak a watery yellow fluid. It can be caused by chemicals, too, and the chlorine in pools can sometimes lead to a mild version. Play It Safe in the Water Some general rules can help protect you from waterborne diseases: Stay out of the water if you have diarrhea. Don’t swim with an open wound unless you can cover it with a waterproof bandage. Shower before and after swimming. Stay out of water that has a strong chemical odor, is discolored, or looks cloudy or scummy.

Every month Coastal Pure makes a donation to the LoVe pet clinic that pays for a spay/neuter. There are too many unwanted cats and dogs out there. If you know an animal that could benefit from our effort....please call us at 843.251.7564

Ever pee'd in a pool? You're not alone... An ongoing study by student chemists at the University of South Carolina...consistently finds two products in public pools and hot tubs. Acetaminophen and Sucralose Yes...there are that many people peeing in pools and hot tubs. When chlorine mixes with these products...they create a chemical byproduct. Do you really want to swim in a chlorine pool?